The Deranged Marriage

The Deranged Marriage

2004, 2005, 2006 & 2015

Rishi and Sona have agreed to get married in the traditional way and the whirlwind wedding circus is on the move with or without them. Their frenzied families go into overdrive to ensure this is the most elaborate wedding ever seen but hidden amongst the show off dance numbers and sparkling saris, a forbidden love story starts to unfold. As the ice sculpture melts and missing Ladoos continue to cause mayhem, the young couple's cold feet threaten to enter the wedding mandap.  

Does tradition have any value in our modern lives? Does love have anything to do with getting married?

Presented by Rifco and Watford Palace Theatre.


Based on original script by: Pravesh Kumar, Additional material by: Ursula Rani Sarma, Additional dialouge: Apurva Asrani 


‘The pace of the piece is perfect, ranging from slow, emotive scenes to Bollywood-style all-singing, all-dancing displays’

The Stage 15


‘A fantastically clever plot, dramatic set, and Kumar’s ability to showcase the chaos surrounding something as clinical as an arranged marriage succeeds in serving up a lip-smackingly delicious Asian extravaganza.’

Asian Times


‘The vibe is richly vibrant, the set design and lighting techniques are beautiful and the show is all round hugely entertaining.’

★★★Remote Goat 15


"Excellent really enjoyed it"


"Awesome. I laughed my head off and cried. Superb!"


"Absolutely amazing - fab show"


"One of the best play I've seen. Good laughter and lots of good music. Very enjoyable. Brilliant cast."


Written & Directed by:

Pravesh Kumar


Libby Watson

Choreography & Indian Costume Designer:

Andy Kumar

Lighting Designer:

Mark Dymock

Composer & Sound Designer:

Arun Ghosh

Rifco Associate - Assistant Choreographer:

Alim Jayda

Rifco Associate - Assistant Director:

Breman Rajkumar