Break The Floorboards

Break The Floorboards


Winner of Best Live Event - Asian Media Awards 2013

Fusing the enthralling dance styles of Bollywood and Street, Break The Floorboards is a story about a teenage boy called Zain. All he wants to do is dance, but a disapproving family, peer pressure, his two left feet and an impending fascist march are all getting in his way. A chance meeting with Sophie, a young dancer, ignites hope but can he really escape the grim reality of his recession-hit hometown and turn his life into the glittering world of his Bollywood fantasies.

Presented by Rifco and Watford Palace Theatre.

‘The electricity delivered onto the stage from the dancers was palpable… wow there is energy and talent’

Chris O’Grady, Musical Theatre Matters


 ‘A delightful little comedy that is well-performed, well-written and well-acted.’

The Asian Today