Happy Birthday Sunita 2023 Tour
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The words 'Happy Birthday Sunita' in red, yellow and orange, on a bright blue background.

The Johals are celebrating Sunita's birthday in Mum’s new kitchen, and you’re invited to the surprise party.

It’s not just the dhal that’s bubbling under the surface – with decades of unfinished business, everyone’s true selves start to burst out when they least expect it. And it’s up to the family to pick each other back up and celebrate themselves for who they truly are.

Unexpected guests, butter-free roti and skeletons in the cupboard aren’t enough to stop them busting out some classic Punjabi shapes in the kitchen! Join the Johal family for a wild ride that will leave you laughing, crying, and talking all the way home. 

Rifco Theatre Company revives this sell-out comedy, with a new cast and fresh script. Put on your birthday party finery and get ready for a samosa saga.

Rifco Theatre Company in association with Watford Palace Theatre

Suitable for: Ages 10+

Running time: TBC

Cast & crew

There are no cast members


"A comic family drama that explores British Asian bi-culturalism with wit, humour and intelligence." (2014 tour)
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