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A man, appearing anguished, cradles a woman in his arms.

A hilarious comedy fusing the formulaic cliches of Bollywood with a British South Asian flavour.

(Thunder and lightning). Shanti is the stoical mother of steel, who still wears her blood-stained sari since the day her husband was killed. (Thunder and lightning, plus a little storm fan). Cut to 20 years later. It is time for Shanti to reveal this deep secret to her son Ajay, the official softy hero. It is time he avenges his father’s killing and finds his long lost identical twin, who looks nothing like him.

(Slow motion and oft repeated background music) Ajay falls in love with Priya, the daughter of a rich industrialist. Vijay, the lost twin, falls in love with Umbro Jaan, the football fanatic courtesan. (Fast cuts. confusing montage) Will Ajay and Priya ever unite for the disco competition? Will Umbro Jaan ever get to jump off a cliff? Will Vijay ever recognise his long lost twin, and all the 236 birthmarks they have in common? Will Shanti ever be able to change her bloodstained Sari? Will this film ever end?

Following its initial success, 'Bollywood 2000 - Yet Another Love Story' was remounted for a national tour in 2003.

Suitable for: Ages 12+

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"A mini-masterpiece of epic humour"
The Metro


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