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I am British Asian

I am British Asian

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I am British Asian

I am British Asian


About the show

Originally commissioned by Rifco Theatre Company for the British Asian Festival, I am British Asian is a spoke word piece by artist Bananasharma celebrating the British Asian experience.

The short film was filmed in Rifco's hometown Watford.

"I Am Afghanistan, I Am Bangladesh, I Am Bhutan
I Am India, I Am Maldives, I Am Nepal
I Am The Melodies Of Ravi Shankar
I Am Pakistan, I Am Sri Lanka

I Am London, I Am Bristol, I Am Brighton & Hove
I Am Leicester, I Am Cardiff I Am High Tea At The Grove
I Am Oxford, I Am Chester, I Am Milton Keynes
I Am Birds Eye Potato Waffles With Thadka Beans
I Have Style, I Have Sass, You Tell Me It’s An Exotic Allure
You May Catch Me In Palazzo Suit Pant Or Trainers Nike Velour
I Am Turban, I Am Hijaab, I Set Trends Before The Streets
Grindng Day And Night, I Produced Your Mc’s Next Beat
I Am Garage, I Am Garba, I Am Sufi Shayari And Funk
And I’m Your Favourite Chai Tea Latte…
…But I’m Not Here To Explain Why That’s Wrong

I Carry The Blessings Of My Ancestors Who Sacrificed For Strife
Just So I Could Grow Up And Live A Better Life
I Snuck Out To Day Gigs
And I Wasn’t Allowed Out After 9
But Now It’s All Changed Coz I Just Toured With The King Of Grime
Now I Write Columns For Our Newspapers
I Win Baftas For My Roles
And When I Own My Whole Identity, I Have People Screaming Goals

I Am Your Ceo, A City Banker And Now Slough’s Local MP
I Am The Best Cook In Your Neighbourhood…
…And You Won’t Belive It’s Ghee
I Am Sophia Duleep Singh,
And The Several Other South Asian Suffragettes…
Who Pioneered For The Cause Of Women’s Rights In Britain
I Am The Generation Of British Asians Who Will Change The Way History Was Written
I Am Such An Integral Part Of British Society, Just Under 15%
I Stand Beofre You As An Example Of How We Turn Up And Represent
I’m A British Born Desi With Two Entire Worlds To Celebrate
I’ll Bring The Bring The Party To The Table, But Just Maybe An Hour Late!"

Presented by Rifco Theatre Company
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