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An Asian Ugandan family waits at Bishop's Stortford train station shortly after arriving in the UK in 1972
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GenerAsians - the family in the photo

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GenerAsians - the family in the photo

Ramdev Muru's family left Uganda immediately after the Asian expulsion was announced in 1972 by former President Idi Amin. The photo above is of Ramdev's family and neighbour when they arrived at Bishop's Stortford station 50 years ago.

Three days after fleeing Uganda, a man who had previously threatened their Dad with the words 'one day, I will see to you', came to the house looking for him. Ramdev is convinced that if the family hadn't fled so quickly, their Dad wouldn't have made it over with them.

They were one of the first families to leave Uganda, and both parents started work within three days of arriving. Luckily Ramdev's grandparents and Uncle had been in the country for a couple years already. They stayed with them for two weeks in Loughborough, avoiding a temporary camp which many families had to endure, before being given a home by the council.

This photo has been widely circulated in the Ugandan Asian community that settled in the UK. It has provided the inspiration for illustrator Vik Kainth's artwork that is featured in a selection of the GenerAsians film series. So, you may well have seen their faces, and now you can hear their story as told by Ramdev and his mother Tamu Muru.

Colour illustration by Vik Kainth, image at top of page: Mirrorpix