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Mohammed Azhar

Mohammed Azhar

Mohammed is an up and coming comedy writer whose scripts encompass Film, TV and Radio.

His previous writing experience include a radio comedy drama entitled, My Beautiful Launderette, Off License, Cash & Carry and Assorted Confectionery,which was produced and broadcast by BBC Radio 4. 

His latest works include a sitcom, The Flash Kash Show. Outsourced!,a rom com musical film script, Made in India, and coming of age comedy drama screenplay, Grail.

Mohammed is a self-taught writer who has a love of fish out of water tales coupled with culture clash mayhem. He has love for genres such sci fi and fantasy, but is really at home trying to make people laugh. 

When not writing, or searching for that elusive animal known to writers as the Literary Agent, Mohammed can be found breaking bones (he has a 2nd Dan in Karate or professional drug dealing (he can cure Delhi Belly, Itchy Scratchy and Spotty Botty).

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