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The Desi Lockdown

The Desi Lockdown 

The idea of social distancing has quickly become the norm for all of us around the world so Rifco Theatre Company is launching a new digital programme to keep our voices heard. We’re looking to commission five artists to share their experiences of Desis in lockdown. Does the British Asian community isolate in the same way as other cultures? What is unique about the British South Asian experience?

What we’re trying to do

Rifco’s mission has always been to celebrate the contemporary British South Asian experience and nurture these unheard voices. Our commissions are designed to address the lack of opportunity and pathways for British Asian artists. The Desi Lockdown is no different. In these uncertain times, Rifco Digital will remain open, support our fellow artists, light up talent on our digital platforms and share current and real stories to ensure that diverse British voices do not remain silent.

Applications for the Desi Lockdown series have now closed. Stay tuned for the commissioned videos, releasing soon!