It Ain't All Bollywood

It Ain't All Bollywood


To hide from the harshness of her surroundings and her neurotic overbearing mother, Kiran escapes into the colourful world of Bollywood. Drifting off into a dream world filled with the glamour and romance of Bollywood songs and theatrics - a world far from the real dramas at home. The ringing of the doorbell and rekindling of an old friendship starts to bring Kiran back to reality- where she is forced to deal with the truth.

First opened at Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2008, and toured the UK and the World Performing Arts Festival in Pakistan.

Presented by Rifco Theatre Company.


‘Pure magic…enters my top ten, best ever nights in the theatre’

British Theatre Guide


‘It’s not often that something makes you both laugh and cry’

Three weeks


‘A heart-warming theatrical experience’

Time Out