The Srivastavs - Back to the day timer - First Meeting

7 March 2018

Meeting to talk about ideas is always our favourite part on the creative journey. At the start everything is fresh and new and the future potential of the project is boundless. Having a blue skies conversation with Pravesh is exactly that and with a hot chocolate in hand it’s even better!

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Sumerah Srivastav: Bollywood Rose - One week to go

14 January 2016

So two and a half months later after numerous meetings, heated creative discussion, writing, rewriting plus the distraction and gluttony of christmas, we finally have a musical extract that - dare I say it - everyone is happy with!

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Amarjit Bassan: New ideas

18 November 2015

I met with Pravesh today and we spoke about the outline for my story. He sensed (quite accurately) that it wasn't the strongest story I could write.

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Amarjit Bassan: Tape Knot - First Meeting

22 October 2015

Meeting Pravesh and Holly at Rifco was an enjoyable and nurturing experience. I am thrilled to have been given this opportunity. I have worked with RIFCO as an actor but am not taking our history for granted.

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Sukh Ojla: Gravesend Workshop 2

16 October 2015

We had nine participants for this workshop, including two women in their 20's and a male participant. The majority of attendees were in the 40s and early 50s, including the two women from the previous workshop. 

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Sukh Ojla: Gravesend Workshop 1

15 October 2015

Prior to this workshop Abdul Shayek, the workshop facilitator, and I had met to discuss the themes I wanted to explore in the workshops and the format I wanted them to take.

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Sukh Ojla: Cultivation Event

28 September 2015

A cultivation event was held on Sunday 27th September at The Woodville. Being a Sunday afternoon I didn't expect a large turnout, but also knowing the local community I was aware that there is a lack of

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Sukh Ojla: Gravesend Project

24 August 2015

Rifco, working in partnership with The Woodville recognise the appetite from the local community for British Asian work and engagement with their local arts space.

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